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Blog Category: New Features & Updates

New Email Report: Email Client

Published Friday, February 27, 2009 by Malcolm Hollingsworth

Without doubt, the biggest frustration for us email designers is the huge variety of email clients we need to test our designs in. It's a monumental challenge that makes building and testing HTML emails far more difficult than designing for the web.

Email Client Pie Chart Report ScreenshotToday, I'm super excited to announce that we've officially solved this problem. Yes, you read that right. For every campaign you send, we'll now provide a clear breakdown of exactly which email clients your subscribers are using. Is anyone really using Lotus Notes? How many subscribers are actually using Outlook 2007? Should I be testing my emails on an iPhone? Up until now that's been total guesswork. No longer.

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New Feature: Design/Spam Testing

Published Monday, December 8, 2008 by Malcolm Hollingsworth

Imagine you have spent time working out just the right message to inform your audience with your latest email campaign - you want to know that it will both look the way you expect and not accidentley trigger any spam filters.

Our Core 13: Email Marketing service allows you to test your email to any email account you have at your disposal for free as long as long as you only send 5 or less at a time.

For a small fee you can use our built in design and spam testing tool. The design testing tool allows you to see how your email will look in the most common desktop, online and mobile email browsers. The spam testing tool will check your content through real spam filters and tell you if you passed or how exactly how you failed.

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