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Email Marketing - The inexpensive way to market your business

  • Place your message in front of your customers
  • Know who opened your email and which links they clicked
  • Pay only when you send a message - no ongoing fees
  • £8.00 per campaign plus 8p per recipient.

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Three example email campaigns are being displayed, each one in a different email client; HotMail (Windows Live Mail), Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.

Email Marketing - Features

Our email marketing service is simple to use, very quick to learn and very feature rich take a look at the features below to get an idea of just how powerful our email marketing solution is.

  • Preview As You Build It
    Our live editor allows you to see your email as you build it.
  • Select Your Template
    We supply free templates to get you started - for a small charge we can design one specifically for you.
  • Complete Sender Control
    Your can choose your own subject, from and reply addresses. We handle all the bounces, unsubscribes and more for you.
  • Clear Sending Options
    You can test your email as many times as you need and then when your ready you can send your campaign immediately or schedule it for later delivery.
  • Only Pay When You Send
    We do not charge any recurring fees you only pay when your email is actually sent.
  • Easy List Management
    You can have as many lists and as many subscribers as you wish, you can even segment your lists to help target your campaigns.
  • Simple Import And Export
    You can import as many entries as you need simply, exporting your subscribers just as easily.
  • Subscribe Forms
    We provide everything you need to add a form to your website so that your subscribers can automatically subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Clear Campaign Snapshots
    Learn everything you need to know about how your campaign is going is one clear report.
  • Who Opened And When
    Monitor who has opened your email as well as the date and time, per campaign and per subscriber.
  • Track Subscriber Activity
    See who clicked which link inside your email, you can also find out which links were the most popular.
  • Recipient Activity
    Find lots of information about each subscriber including; all opens over time, how may links that were clicked and more.
  • Design Testing Tool
    See how your email will look in the leading desktop, online and mobile email browsers.
  • Spam Testing Tool
    Test your campaign before you send so you do not fall foul of the spam filters.
  • Report - Email Browser
    You can know what email browser your recipient use.

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