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Email Marketing - The inexpensive way to market your business

  • Place your message in front of your customers
  • Know who opened your email and which links they clicked
  • Pay only when you send a message - no ongoing fees
  • £8.00 per campaign plus 8p per recipient.

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Three example email campaigns are being displayed, each one in a different email client; HotMail (Windows Live Mail), Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.

Email Marketing - Reseller Opportunities

Find out how you can add email marketing to your business without lifting a finger

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Responsabilities of Core 13 and Reseller
We do You do
Create New Accounts Everything Nothing
Add standard templates Everything Nothing
Manage their subscribers Everything Nothing
Provide easy online content editing tools Everything Nothing
Perform the actual campaign sending Everything Nothing
Allow scheduling of campaigns Everything Nothing
Take credit/debit card payments Everything Nothing

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Website Resellers

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